Ruqyah Services

Ruqyah Services

Muslims are required to approach professionals in both fields. Please note it is not a simple answer, as both have similar symptoms and effects, and that requires an evaluation session. 

As the professional, has to evaluation using list of questions and going to discussions. The majority doesn’t care to live with it; it is ok. Do note, living a life, not only affects individuals. But also affects others and surrounds. In family and it could move on through sexual relationships, genetically moves to next generations and causing same to move to next generation.

Save yourself from going to corrupted so-called scholars, imams, raqis, buzurgs, peers, babas and get proper academic evaluation. To determine the causes behind distress in your life and get proper counseling and evaluation to determine.  Then move to treatment either medically or through Ruqyah services. The consultation can bring a change in your life. Insha’Allah


This matter has caused a lot of disturbance and confusion among Muslims to know, how to do Ruqyah according to Sunnah. Please note, majority use the help of Shayateen to remove one from affected patient; some use Taweez (amulet), some use special rituals, customs, wazifas and against Sunnah and shaitans use this technique to remove your faith from Quran and Sunnah towards Wazifas. Majority use Quran and distort and reorganize and recite, it is Bidah, rejected by Traditions of Sunnah. Distorting Quran is part of shaitan’s plan to misuse it and do it in the wrong way.


Please note, there is sucha thing called “Wazifa” in Islam. It was invented by Sufism religion, a special practiced use of Duas and verses and reorganize, distort and repeat so and so many times, prescribed by some peer, baba, imam, maulana, buzurg Etc.


Recite a word or verse in prescribed number is Bidah that is against the teachings of Prophet ﷺ and it pleases shaitan.


Stick to Quran
Stick to Sunnah, Sahih Hadith

When a human gets a sick, he approaches doctor to get test and get medicine. Similarly in this situation of paranormal effects in life, it is obligated not to risk your own life or others for sake of saving money. but get your self tested, if you feel something wrong in the matters of marriage, job, business loss, anxiety, bad dreams, see dead people, see black in dreams, black dog, needles hitting your body in dreams, mood twist, memory problem, dizzy, lazy, divorce, break someone taweez, break black magic,

 How to break if someone spelled on you, get scare in dreams, husband wife fights, miscarriage, seeing shadows in dreams, shadows follows you, black dogs runs after you in dreams, back pain, hallucination, depression, irregular menses, goose bumps, feeling heavy while sleeping, doing feel like praying Salah, feel sleepy in reciting Quran, paranormal activity at home or in body, feel something in heart, feel pressure in heart, no desire in sex with wife/husband, relative or friend Hassad evil eye, extreme anger with husband or wife, Etc. Please contact us for further inquiries.


Use the method prescribed by the Prophet ﷺ. Also refer to a book authored to help to cure your self by the title “Taqwa Islah Ruqyah” by Dr. Ammaar Saeed. You can order this book by donation of $10 and get an e-copy in pdf right away. The book has also been sold worldwide, and many have taken advantage and healed by following accordingly in the book.


How To Perform Ruqyah

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