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Khula Divorce Certificate

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Process Of Khula, Divorce In Islam

If a Muslim woman has abusive husband and unable to coup and manage the situation, Islam are more supportive to Muslim women than a man in the situation of domestic violence and have short temper husband and situation is has moved further beyond and better to release yourself from stress.

Islam is not a burden or forced to take others in control, but gives them equal rights. Allah has made Zulum a haram action, either on self or on others. It’s a sin that has severe punishment in Akhirah. Some Muslim men consider a wife as a property, do what ever he can; it’s a misconception among illiterate men.

The Prophet ﷺ said,

 “Best among you is one who is best to his wife, and I am best among you in my dealings with my wives.” Majah 1977

Sometimes life becomes unfortunate, especially, when arranged marriage turns into a nightmare. A husband turns out to be over protective, abusive and assaulting; abusing, physical and verbally, not loving, spreading fear at home that a sister lives a life in fear, doesn’t know what to do.

There are numerous factors that a Muslim woman takes a step to end the relationship. It is not only abuse; it could be financial, sexual, mental illness, genetically short temper and causing domestic violence Etc.

Back in Muslim countries, as it was explained in another article, that Khula systems, gets delayed and because of that causes, many damage to Muslim lives and do not get mentally relief on time and keep appearing in trials and unable to move on to her life.

In foreign countries, the Muslim Judge/Mufti work as mediator to workout between parties, and if the things do not work out, simply the “Khula Certificate” is issued to the plaintiff. Please note, Islamic Khula Divorce is not civil family court divorce. Muslims follow Islamic Shariah Law, based on Quran and Sunnah. We help and support and provide paralegal services to file petition in local Family Court or contact for consultation, as a Muslim we support and help in follow-up with couple to avoid further damages in relation going thru trials and proceedings, rather settle with peace resolving through mediator.


When the petition is filed, the council will

-Verify Personal Information
-Verify Legit Husband
-Background Check
-Approach Husband
-Investigation, Interviewing


1. Submit Application Fee
2. Submit Application
3. Submit Documents in Checklist


As a Muslim, we will work as mediate and our first concern is always to help couples to get along and remove minor conflicts and issues that cause problems in Muslim couple life. If the husband is cooperative, it usually takes a week to complete the process. If the husband is uncooperative, he will be summoned in two notices and a final judgment will be issued. This will end the obligation of wife on husband and through shariah Rulings will have no Islamic bindings.

Khula Petition Filing Fee

Filing Khula petition fee is $300

Down payment $100
Final Payment $200


-Creating Case File
-File Case
-Mail/Email Summons
-Mediation Back and Forth
-Khula Certificate


Pay By Paypal
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Pay By Zelle (USA Only)


Once the payment is completed, email with snapshot of payment. please follow the steps and allow time to get back to you.

Jazakum’Allah Khair


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