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Dr. Mufti Ammaar Saeed is the head Mufti of the Shariah Council of America to issue written fatwa and legal rulings based on Quran and Hadith and as independent jurist without restricting to a particular sect or madhhab.

Mufti in New York, Dr. Ammaar Saeed specialize not only Islamic matters to issue fatwa, but also official legal counselor in New York Family Court Advisement and Psychological Counseling with paranormal negatives multi factors effects in human behavior, can be a cause of multi elements that revolve around human life.

Muslim Counseling includes not limited to Islamic only, but a wide range or other aspects of life to private confidential matters that require private consultation. Muslim Couple Counseling, is the special field that is a sensitive part of society for peaceful family life. majority Muslims with lack of knowledge of Islam and limitation of either party, don’t well understand the limitation each responsibility and limitation and leads to an extent that ends up in non-Islamic court but requires peaceful contacting Muslim scholar who has multi expertise in both Islamic and academically psychological fields and especially practicing Islamic law between parties from decades.

Muslim couples hesitate to approach and share the private and confidential matters, in the matter of dispute or even sexual matters, that either is not getting satisfied with their partners requires counseling and helpful private tips to better in intimacy. Sexual relation is one of the important factor that keeps the relation with powerful foundation and build love and harmony in the family.

Even the Prophet ﷺ said, not to be shy asking questions. If one doesn’t ask question or approach for counseling, will waste all life in dark. If you have any problem, do not hesitate but share your matters with Islamic and academically qualified to guide you towards that is right for you.


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