Shariah Council of America

Shariah Council of America is a council of independent jurists. The fatwas are not limited to any particular school of thought or sect in Islam. The rulings are issued based on the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet ﷺ and early scholars of Islam.

Some councils are united to issue opinions restricted to one madhhab. SCA has not restricted themselves to any, as time is moving on, later modern issues are coming up, and required academic qualified scholars to handle matters.

SCA ensures, all declarations are based solely on the Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet . There will not be conflicts or contradictions with the original Islamic sources. Opinions are based on research through early and later scholars’ opinions.

Shariah Council of America is not limited to council in a single matter. There are a wide range of fields that we support, from Islamic Marriage, Talaq, Khula, Family Court Advocate, Magic, Ruqyah, Psychological Mental Illness, Muslim Family Counseling Services, Sexual and Marital Private Counseling, etc.

Muslim Couple Counseling

History Of Shariah Council of America

The name was first established and registered in 2012. The council came into existence based on inquiries. As the needs of Muslim communities were in need of a council, who is not linked or restricted to a particular madhhab, but Fatwas are based on Quran and Authentic Sunnah and issue opinions based on situation and circumstances and each individual's personal situation. As not every Muslim's family life is similar to others', there could be situations and cases that are more complex than usual.  OTHER NAMES  Islamic Shariah Council of New York, ISCNY Shariah Council of America, SCA SCOA

Shariah Council of America Founder

Dr. Mufti Ammaar Saeed


Dr. Ammaar Saeed is an American Muslim Scholar, an author and a Muslim Chaplain. He is the founder of the Islamic Research Foundation New York, AHAD TV, ALIM University and Shariah Council of America.

His Islamic education background is following programs of International Islamic University, Madinah University, with continued study and research in Islamic traditional education and different schools of thought. He double-majored in computer science and business administration, and holds many academic degrees in different fields. He is a New York Family Court Counselor and legal advisor, and holds a dual PhD in Islamic Science from American International University and Counseling Psychology from Theology University.

He has thousands of talks and had issued thousands of verdicts in Shariah matters as independent Jurist by following Quran and Traditions of The Prophet ﷺ, without restricting to particular madhhab and has counseled Muslims throughout the world in family and Shariah matters and has also authored many books available online, amazon and bookstores worldwide, including fatawas in volumes.